Thursday, May 03, 2012

Carmen Souza Duo feat Theo Pas'cal CD review:

"Ms. Souza proves herself an outstanding singer, with excellent range, power, and superb expressiveness, while her long term collaborator Pas'cal is an equally exceptional bassist - long renowned as one of Portugal's leading exponents as well as composers and producers in the jazz and world music scene. Together, the combination of just voice, guitar and bass is formidable indeed and works supremely well. Souza and Pas'cal are completely empathic and perfectly attuned to one another...Highly consistent, London Acoustic Set is far more than merely compelling - it is utterly mesmerising and bewitching. You will find it very hard not to play this exquisite album over and over. It is absolutely gorgeous! Its soulful charm and beauty are just irresistible. Souza and Pas'cal are an invaluable addition to the British scene, going by this album.

Carmen Souza Duo Feat. Theo Pas'cal's London Acoustic Set is an absolute must have for jazz and world music aficionados alike, as well as for just about anybody who loves good music. Beg, steal or borrow if you must, but better still buy this fabulous album! You'll also help three very good causes as half of all sales generously go to charity. So buy extra copies as perfect gifts for friends and relations!" 
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